Securing IoT devices by design, and ensuring their security throughout the lifecycle

What's Is Osmium?

Osmium is like the pre-installed

antivirus software on your computer,

except smarter, faster, and more capable.. and for IoT

Osmium is installed during manufacturing, and autonomously protects the device throughout its lifecycle.

Osmium is the premier security solution for next generation IoT. Unlike network based security, Osmium secures from the inside out, instead of from the outside looking in.

What Does It Offer?

Osmium autonomously secures devices through its powerful, fully integrated artificial intelligence. 

It utilizes our globally vigilant cloud based intelligence platform, Hades, and fully supported by our Security Operations Center.


Our mission is to protect your bottom line. Osmium reduces your company's total operating risk, and protects your most valuable asset, your product. 

How Does It Work?

Osmium's AI uses behavioral analytics to identify anomalous traffic, malicious data packets, threat signatures, and abnormal machine behavior. It stands as the barrier between malicious actors, and your IoT device. 


Osmium works hand in hand with our cloud based global intelligence and forensics platform, Hades, to aggregate behavioral data from all of your devices, and update Osmium with the most up to date actionable threat intelligence preventing attacks and mitigating threats in seconds.


Developing a quality product is your number one priority 


Security is confusing & expensive

Sicuro can help

Our Mission

The global economy is reliant on connected devices to deliver critical services to enable businesses to ship faster, grow food higher, provide energy to every household, and save lives.


At Sicuro, we feel it is our duty to secure the next generation of IoT devices.  That is why we are dedicated to developing the highest quality IoT security products available on the market. 

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