Osmium Beta

September 1, 2018

Working With Device Manufacturers Testing Autonomously Managed Embedded Security For IoT

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What is Osmium?

Osmium is a Linux based embedded global intelligence security platform that integrates on multiple layers of the device. It detects anomalies in device behavior and data traffic and takes instant actions to ensure bad actors don't gain access.

Osmium acts as an security agent, similar to and app on your phone or the security software on your computer. 

Characteristic information across all platforms is anonymized and correlated in our security operations center to identify the tactics, technique, and procedures of hackers. 

New machine learning models are sent back to the platforms to protect against emerging threats. 

What Are We Testing?

Sicuro is testing working with device manufacturers to test the integration and refine our operating processes.
We work with device designers by engaging in cost free joint development agreements. 

We work with our partners
by operating completely within virtual environments. We load system architecture, integrate Osmium, and conduct a series of tests to drive model development as well as unveil existing vulnerabilities present on the device. 


In addition to discounts and preference, you can leverage our findings to improve your own products.


Lets work togther 

How To Get Started?

If you are a device manufacturer click the link below to and we will send your more information on the process, as well as our joint

development testing agreement!


If you are another party interested in IoT security, or a stake holder in the IoT industry, we would love to talk with you about becoming a channel partner! 


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