Utilize Advanced AI Driven Global Cyber Threat Intelligence

What's Is Hades?

Hades is a cloud based global threat intelligence platform that autonomously aggregates device behavior and threat data from all Osmium platforms. 

Hades increases the speed at which threat mitigation occurs, autonomously conducting forensics on unknown threats sent to it by Osmium.


Hades correlates threat data across multiple different devices types that may span multiple industries, geographic locations, and customers in order to provide Sicuro's Security Operations Center with actionable data. 

What Does It Offer?

Hades' global threat intelligence engine offers our customers the most accurate and scalable model for IoT security on the market. It works hand in hand with Osmium to adapt to threats never seen in the environment, new adversary techniques, and new device operations. 

Not only does it provide intelligence for human analysts, but it works with Osmium to make mitigation decisions autonomously, preventing threats faster than human analysts ever could. 

How Does It Work?

Hades is a proprietary artificial intelligence platform built on systematic layers of machine learning and is fully supported by Sicuro's Security Operations Center. 

Hades is constantly learns from both new threat data from Osmium platforms and existing data training sets.  Osmium's access to anonymized device behavioral data correlated with network based characteristic data and threat signatures results in a robust global threat intelligence platform putting Sicuro's security process on the leading edge of innovation.


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Our Mission

The global economy is reliant on connected devices to deliver critical services to enable businesses to ship faster, grow food higher, provide energy to every household, and save lives.


At Sicuro, we feel it is our duty to secure the next generation of IoT devices.  That is why we are dedicated to developing the highest quality IoT security products available on the market. 

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