Sharpen The Edge

Conquer hacker threats with your own Cyber Roman Army 

 The Sicuro's IoT integrated AI agent eliminates cyber threats from the edge by enabling autonomous IoT self-defense.

 Our networked global threat intelligence architecture constantly adapts to combat evolving threats to your product line 


Meet your hacker's worst nightmare.. 



Autonomous Security,
By Design

Osmium is embedded in the IoT device providing edgepoint security using localized behavioral analysis to autonomously detect, mitigate, and recover from cyberattacks. 

Osmium dynamically strengthens the device's

cyber-immune system  with localized mitigation, cloud-based forensics, and global threat intelligence. 


Global Threat Intelligence

Hades is a cloud based global threat intelligence platform that autonomously navigates conducts forensic analysis on anonymized behavioral models derived from Osmium.

Hades correlates threat intelligence across industries & devices contributing to its global threat intelligence. Our AI keeps your device on the leading edge of cyber protection, updating each Osmium node with the most up to date threat mitigation and decision models.


OSMIUM is ready, come test it

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